Sonali Chopra

Director Alliance & Advocacy Relations

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Sonali Chopra is the Director of Alliance and Advocacy Relations at Genentech. In her role, she leads a team responsible for advocacy relations for ophthalmology, neuroscience, immunology, and rare disease.

Previously, she oversaw all of oncology advocacy relations for Genentech. She joined Genentech as a Senior Manager in Advocacy Relations in January 2010 focusing on support for the breast cancer advocacy community as well as for colorectal cancer, skin cancer, prostate, gastric and ovarian cancer. Sonali comes to Genentech from Bayer and where she worked in healthcare reimbursement, advocacy relations and public health. At Bayer, Sonali managed reimbursement and patient assistance for specialty pharma and worked with patient advocates on access-related issues. Prior to Bayer, she led a project with the non-profit Lesotho- Boston Health Alliance that rebuilt the organizational structure of two pilot hospitals in Lesotho, Africa, and laid the groundwork for a grant to study cervical cancer. She has also worked as a healthcare consultant for Lash Group advising clients on reimbursement launch strategies. Sonali holds Masters’ degrees in Business Administration and Public Health from Boston University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California Berkeley.